on love + photos

I’ve been taking pictures for as long as I can remember, growing through endless photo sessions with my friends and eventually moving towards love and travel as my two biggest inspirations. And I’m not kidding when I say I have a thing for love — it’s been a driving force for me since I started taking photos, and it’s really encompassing of what I’d like to make a life capturing.

Romantic love, platonic love, self love — you name it. I’m here for it and all the in-betweens that make it up. Because in all honesty, I think that’s what this is all about — the laughter following a really good joke, dancing in a field to your favorite song, or waking up at 5 am to chase the sunrise.

These fleeting moments and the people we share them with are what make up this super rad life we get to live, and I love nothing more than getting to turn those feelings into tangible memories. Because at the end of the day the vacation will end, the flowers will dry and the sun will drop, and these will be the moments you’ll want to hang on to —



Mallory & Leif

Words cannot describe the gratitude we have for Morgan and her incredible talent. Morgan is the most genuine and kind hearted person and she became more than just a photographer to us!! She has a way of making you and your person feel comfortable and at ease while having a blast and documenting all the cute and quirky moments that make you unique as a couple. Her talents don't end at photography!! She was sociable, bubbly, and professional all at the same time. We had several guests from our intimate wedding comment on how much they loved her presence and attitude throughout our big day! Morgan's photos captured our love so perfectly and currently take up half of our living room wall!! Her finished portfolio shares a beautifully candid story of a day that you hope to never forget and thanks to her photos, we never will!!

Kevin & Ashley

In planning for our September wedding in Carpinteria last winter, we were looking for a local photographer with an intuitive eye. We wanted to avoid the more traditional formal, posed wedding photos for something more loose, unstructured and fun that captured the essence of our wedding day. We came across Morgan's Instagram page, which included her wedding photography website link, and instantly felt like we had found the photographer we were looking for! After reaching out to Morgan, we discussed her style and "eye" and how we'd like her to frame our wedding day... and fast forward six months, she absolutely delivered on our vision! We received our wedding photos and were immediately taken back to the day... with both moments that we were a part of, and moments of our loved ones that we had missed! Thank you, Morgan, we are so happy we'll always have the photos you took to help us revisit our wedding day!

Jenn & Hank

Morgan is so wonderful! I really appreciate how flexible she is with planning, and how willing she is to work with what we were looking for. During the shoot, we felt really comfortable with her and she is very sociable and kind. She also really knows what she is doing when it comes to good photo opportunities and various poses. Basically, she is great at what she does! We are so thankful and of course, we love how our photos came out. Would recommend!!


I know emails can be old school, but I'm planning to share lots of work and life in this little corner of the internet. If you want to follow along, I'd love to keep you in the loop —