Mallory & Leif

Words cannot describe the gratitude we have for Morgan and her incredible talent. Morgan is the most genuine and kind hearted person and she became more than just a photographer to us!! She has a way of making you and your person feel comfortable and at ease while having a blast and documenting all the cute and quirky moments that make you unique as a couple. Her talents don't end at photography!! She was sociable, bubbly, and professional all at the same time. We had several guests from our intimate wedding comment on how much they loved her presence and attitude throughout our big day! Morgan's photos captured our love so perfectly and currently take up half of our living room wall!! Her finished portfolio shares a beautifully candid story of a day that you hope to never forget and thanks to her photos, we never will!!

About me

Aside from being a wedding photographer, I’m also an outdoors enthusiast, full-time beach bum, and pho fanatic. I love my dogs more than anything, have seen The Office about ten times through, and would eat sushi every day if my budget allowed (a girl can dream). I was lucky enough to grow up in a town that was as close to the mountains as it was the beach, which gave me a pretty big love for them both. You can almost always find me rocking my Birkenstocks with a cup of something in my hand (dirty Chais and good matcha are my JAM).