Film is for folks who live slowly and love wholly

In an era defined by overconsumption, micro trends, and hyper-curated everything...

analog feels ironically refreshing.


My favorite hobbies:

Let's bond over:

FUN-ky facts

about me

slow, intentional living

thrifting & film

My other passions:

Let's toast with:

vibrant interior design & home cooking

a spicy marg or deep red

Nothing makes me happier than:

I'm obsessed with:

a fresh bouquet

handmade ceramics

I'm addicted to:

All time fav artist:

Vietnamese food

Mac Miller

Meet Matt assistant, backup videographer and my favorite person

He’s optimistic, he’s fun-loving, he’s Matt! This outgoing guy is someone that can talk to almost anyone, and he’s charmed his way across the world doing so.

He gets his creativity from his dad, who also had a rad eye behind the lens. His biggest passions are surfing, travel, and good food (both cooking and eating it) and that’s where he finds most of his creative inspiration.

Matt’s the super 8 video peanut butter to my film photo jam.

He’s also my better half (if you trust sandwich math), so if you think I’m pretty alright, you’ll love tossing him into this party mix!

2023 & 2024 Travel Dates

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San Diego, California

September, December

Palm Springs, California


San Francisco, California


Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico


Yosemite Valley, California


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